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Vision Inspection and Brand Integrity

In today's digital age, where social media reigns supreme and news is instantly accessible, the
power of having a camera in everyone's pocket is undeniable.


Proactive vs. Reactive Implementation of Automation

Manufacturers in a reactive state typically initiate automation after experiencing setbacks such as workplace injuries, product

Factors to consider when calculating your palletizing rate
Reduce Workplace Injuries by 83% with an IRIS Cobot Palletizer

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace

IRIS Factory Automation is growing! Here's why.

As an automation company, we have been experiencing a period of explosive growth and expansion.

Built in the USA

As an automation company, we take great pride in building and designing our parts right here in the USA.

IRIS 10 years in

What we’ve learned

How to manage the supply chain

Supply chain Issues? These tips can help your business get ahead of the delay.

Should I Use A Cobot Or Industrial Palletizer?

Does your automation needs fall under needing a collaborative palletizer or an industrial palletizer?

Contributing Factors to the Labor Shortage and How Implementing Technology Can Help

Manufacturing companies are struggling to acquire and retain talent. Companies are now looking to

Partner of the Month - Keyence

Partner of the Month - Banner Engineering!

IRIS Factory Automation got the privilege to sit down with Banner Engineering's Sales Manager...

Making project updates easily accessible for clients using

IRIS is excited to share a feature with you that we've been working on that will streamline all of our clients' projects updates...

Five key benefits a collaborative robot will bring to your manufacturing facility

IRIS collaborative robots are tested and setup in our “digital sandbox” shop on site and are typically shipped within 8-10 weeks...

IRIS partners with Roboworld to provide protection for teach pendants on the factory floor

Many factories experience a broken teach pendant at one point or another.  We know accidents happen...

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