Improvement vs
manual inspection
Increase in productivity
Reduction in
maintenance costs

Intelligent Classification

IRIS vision systems are able to leverage the use of deep learning algorithms to detect the smallest variation based on predefined classifications customizable to your manufacturing requirements.

Data-Driven Approach

By leveraging classification and then quantifying those defects into categories, users can better understand intermittent and systemic issues in order to make data driven decisions to maintain quality with minimal impact to production.

Preventative Focus

By quickly identifying the root cause of defect conditions, our clients can leverage this information to reduce unplanned downtime, optimize production tooling, and maintain a targeted preventative maintenance schedule.

IRIS Vison Systems

Small. Compact. Easy to Use.

Filter and Lid Inspection

• Real-time data analysis
• Deep learning vision classification with vision inspection
• Stand alone HMI kiosk for system control monitoring

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Label Inspection

• Traditional or AI based automated inspection
• Track and trace
• Small footprint
• Predictive analytics

Barcode Scanning

• Low profile design
(20"W x 34"D)
• Advanced user interface
• High speed processing
• Recipe based lighting control
• Intuitive user experience

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