Five key benefits a collaborative robot will bring to your manufacturing facility

Collaborative Robot Benefits
  1. Easy and fast installations

IRIS collaborative robots are tested and setup in our “digital sandbox” shop on site and are typically shipped within 8-10 weeks depending on customizations. Our installation team then programs and installs your system onsite and trains your staff on important safety features and how to use the cobot. All you have to do is sit back and let us (and your new palletizer) do the work! 

  1. Increase your productivity time

Increase the number of products your manufacturing facility produces in less time with an IRIS collaborative robot. A collaborative robot frees up your staff to focus on more intensive labor issues rather than get bogged down with repetitive and dangerous tasks.

  1. Deploy and redeploy

Cobots are highly versatile and easily re-programmed and re-deployed for different tasks as new needs arise.

  1. Small enough to fit anywhere

IRIS specializes in small form factor collaborative palletizers that can fit in a small space. If you have a limited floor plan, one of our automation specialists can come out to your facility with a full-scale drawing of our system to see exactly how it will fit within your space. 

  1. Easy to use

The IRIS interface is the most advanced on the market. Our system allows your staff to interact with the robotic system with ease. With just a few clicks of a button, you can change recipes, patterns, and continue palletizing while removing a pallet. We offer continuous support, warranties, and spare part package options to make for an optimal customer experience. 

As a leading integrator of Universal Robots cobots, we are experts in automation. If you have questions or would like to automate your facility, contact us today for a free automation evaluation at!

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