RPZ-20c Collaborative Palletizing Solution Now Available
We specialize in small-form-factor, flexible, and cost-effective end-of-line automation solutions.

About IRIS Factory Automation

IRIS Factory Automation fully engineers turn-key and custom end-of-line automation solutions for manufacturers. Our offerings include collaborative and industrial palletizing, automated vision inspection for traditional traceability or AI-based inspection, and case packing.

Palletizing Solutions

IRIS Palletizing solutions are designed for small to medium sized manufacturing facilities.  Created for compact spaces with limited floor space, these palletizers can fit virtually anywhere. Equipped with an easy to use HMI screen, drag and drop pallet patterns, recall saved pallet patterns, and review manuals and one-point lessons all within the dashboard.

IRIS Factory Automation is an Authorized System Integrator for Kawasaki Robots, and the Top Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots.

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Automated Vision Inspection

Empower your quality control efforts with IRIS vision systems—precisely classifying custom defect types, quantifying results, and enabling swift resolution of system issues. Whether leveraging traditional traceability or AI-based inspection, take command of your processes for superior control and enhanced quality assurance.

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Case Packing

Whether you are packaging pouches, cartons, or cups IRIS Factory Automation offers a full range of custom solutions for your case packing needs.

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Meet the New RPZ-20

The RPZ-20c design was borne out of 6 years of listening to our client’s needs, culminating in a system that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and a dependable solution for those clients challenged with an increasingly turbulent labor market.

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Systems Deployed Globally

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