Factors to consider when calculating your palletizing rate

Are you looking to determine the rate of a potential palletizing solution to justify cost and production efficiency?

The rate at which the IRIS Factory Automation turnkey palletizing system operates is determined by several factors and can vary significantly depending on the specific application. It all begins with understanding your needs. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to assess your product's specific requirements.

Initially, the crucial information that we take into consideration are the following:

Case Rate: How many cases per minute are you currently producing?

• Product Type: The type of product being palletized plays a significant role in determining the rate. Products with irregular shapes or sizes may require slower rates to ensure proper stacking.

• Product Weight: The weight of the products being palletized affects the speed at which they can be handled. Heavier products often require slower rates to ensure safe and precise palletizing.

• Pallet Size and Type: The size and type of pallets used in the process impact the rate. Different pallet sizes and types may require adjustments in the palletizing process, affecting the overall speed.

• Gripper or Tooling Design: The design and capabilities of the grippers or tooling used to pick up and place products on the pallets are crucial. Efficient and reliable grippers can help increase the palletizing rate. IRIS has specifically designed our End of arm tooling to be flexible with several options depending on your packaging type. These include the standard SpiderPik End of Arm Tool that allows for easy adjustment for different box sizes with no tooling required, quad pick allowing for more boxes to be handled at once, and side pick used for open-top-treys.  

• Layer Patterns: The desired layer patterns and stacking configurations on the pallet can impact the rate. More complex patterns may require slower operation to ensure accuracy. Slipsheets will also affect the rate at which your system can complete a pallet pattern.

• Safety Considerations: Safety is paramount in industrial automation. Automation companies must consider safety measures and interlocks that may affect the speed of operation.

• Programming and Controls: The programming of the palletizer's controls is essential. Fine-tuning the control system can optimize the rate while maintaining accuracy. IRIS palletizing products are fully turn-key, with all programming done prior to installation.

• Maintenance and Downtime: Scheduled maintenance and potential downtime for maintenance and repairs should also be factored in when determining the operational rate.

With that information, the way we identify your case rate is pounds per round trip and round trips per minute. So, in the case of a collaborative palletizer, this equates to 8-10 seconds per round trip, and depending on the payload, you can move around 18 pounds per round trip. For example, if you have a 9-pound box, you can pick up 2 boxes at the same time with our SpiderPik EoAT and palletize 14 cases a minute at a rate of 8 seconds per round trip. In the case of an industrial palletizing cell, your payload will be higher, and will put you at around 6-8 seconds per round trip.

To determine the specific rate for an industrial or collaborative palletizer, it is best to consult with IRIS factory automation for a thorough assessment. We will work closely with you to understand your production needs and goals. Once these factors are considered, IRIS will design and configure your palletizer to operate at the desired rate efficiently and reliably. At IRIS, we know it is essential to strike a balance between speed and precision to ensure optimal performance in your industrial palletizing applications, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve these goals.

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